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Aluminum Seat Frames and Kick Panels
Double-Bolted Motor Pod Assembly
Superior Quality Pontoon Tube
Wall Joints
Heavey-Duty Nose Cones
Exclusive Heavy Duty Construction Features
Double Vented Gas Fill
Interior Drain
Reflective Safety Striping
Stop in and see why Avalon Pontoons are superior in
quality and construction features
to all the rest!
  Superior Construction 5 Year Warranty
As the original purchaser of a high quality Avalon Pontoon boat, you can be confident you have purchased the highest quality Pontoon Boat on the market. We incorporate a 3 step tube integrity inspection process and a department by department “quality before installation” inspection as your boat is being built. Then your boat undergoes a final rigorous bow to stern inspection. As a result, if you do have the unlikely experience of a flaw in materials and workmanship, or a failed component, we proudly cover the repair with our 5 YEAR BOW TO STERN WARRANTY* PLUS Limited Lifetime flooring, pontoon weld and seat frame warranty.*

  NMMA CSI Award 
Avalon has received the Outstanding Customer Service Award - 5 years in a row!  Avalon is rated as having one of the lowest incidents of warranty claims in the industry!

  Matrix 50
Avalon's exclusive Matrix 50 heavy duty 50 gauge marine seat covering with a 24% substructure is tested strongest against tears, punctures and stains. New Herringbone multi-directional stretch backing promotes quicker recovery. Greater stitch strength.

  Exclusive!  Aluminum seat frames and kick panels
Clearly superior. Lifetime warranty. Aluminum seat frames are stronger, have extra large compartments for maximum storage capacity and have "Flo thru™" ventilation from the outside. "Flo thru™" allows your equipment to dry out, even while the cover is on and keeps the entire compartment drier so mildew or fungus is less likely to develop. Aluminum frames won't crack or hold water like plastic, either!

  Heavy-Duty Nose Cones
Heavy duty nose cone with our industry-first integrated nose cone splash fins!  The absolute strongest in the industry. The .100" thickness and one-piece construction makes it virtually impossible to break off a splash fin. The double wrapped leading edge provides maximum impact protection.  Compare to "welded on" splash fins on most competitors!

  Double Full Pontoon Connectors
Stronger!  Most models feature full riser pontoon connections inside & outside; unlike our competitors "small but skirted" riser connectors. Full risers provide continuous strength along the entire pontoon.

  Exclusive!  Side Keel Protection
Special welded keels protect against damage from side impact. They also provide better performance as they limit the flow of water around the pontoon.

  Industry's Strongest Double-Bolted Motor Pod Assembly
.190" thickness with integrated splash fins. 2" thick aluminum sheathed transom is fully welded. The entire pod is double bolted with at least 16 3/8" bolts and supported by more heavy-duty "C" channels crossbeams than any other pontoon boat.

  Superior Quality Pontoon Tube
.090" thickness H5052 marine aluminum alloy. Multi-baffled near each weld for maximum strength and air lock. Hand-welded to rigid standards.

  The Best Crossbeam and Deck Construction 
Avalon "Deco" Series pontoon boats feature the latest in heavy-duty hull construction. 3" high, extreme thickness "C" channel crossbeams are bolted to the full riser with heavy-duty stainless bolts, nuts and washers. Then 3/4", pressure injected, lifetime guaranteed flooring is bolted to the crossbeams using superior grade stainless steel bolts secured permanently with stainless nylock lock nuts and washers.  Come see and compare!

  Carbon Canister Flow-Through Gas Fill
We alone, among our competitors, have managed to solve the problem of fuel fill splash back and slowness. Our exclusive carbon canister flow-through eases pressure out of the tank, thereby eliminating splash back and allowing for quick fueling & automatic fueling shutoff.

  Strongest Bow Eye
Our standard equipment stainless bow eye is connected across three crossbeams with a 1/4" aluminum reinforcement strap. Excellent strength for haul-out.

  Wall Joints
Wall joints welded on all four sides for extra strength.

  Interior Drain
Avalon now exclusively has a drain in the corner of the rear bench where water that would collect from rain during storage is expelled through a drain channel and off the boat. This significantly reduces the potential for stains that develop in the corners over time.

  Reflective Safety Striping
Avalon adds an additional level of night safety with striping that can be seen from a distance when exposed to light.

Double Full Pontoon Connectors
Side Keel Protection
Strong Eye Bow
Quality Pontoons
Avalon Pontoons are built using the best technology available for Pontoon Boat construction. In fact, many of our features are so new and spectacular that they are exclusive to our boats. We take great pride in our fantastic construction and do everything in our power to make Avalon Pontoons the strongest and safest in the industry. Read on to find out exactly what we do.
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